25 November, 2016

Organisational credibility

Populists and authoritarians weaken or destroy impartial organisations of good governance - because opposing views challenge their legitimacy.

1. The Office of Budgetary Responsibility published an unfavourable economic forecast, in part driven by Brexit.

2. The Daily Mail, the second biggest newspaper in the UK, trashed the OBR and its head honcho.

3. Senior Conservative politicians (Jacob Rees-Mogg, Ian Duncan Smith) joined in the trashing.

These objectors didn't present a model, predictions from sound economics, or evidence missed by the OBR (lol). They just didn't like the message.

Without strong, impartial organisations informing government, there are fewer checks on authoritarianism. The attack by the Daily Mail went unchallenged by Government.

The attackers are emboldened.

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